Welcome to the 
180 Wellness Network

(Formerly the Battle Ready Fitness Network)


MaryCatherine Cross is an entrepreneur and owner/operator of Cat’s Feet, LLC which houses Battle Ready Fitness Network, CrossPaths Coaching and Walkin’ Waggums Pet Sitting.  She is currently pursuing further education and certification through the Coach Training Alliance and Expert Rating training and certification programs.  

Patrick Sturgis is an experienced and exceptionally qualified resource for those individuals seeking information and viable choices concerning their health and wellbeing. Patrick specializes in supplementation, diet, and natural treatment modalities.

Marcus Grogans specializes in working with beginners in fitness or people who are rededicating to a healthier lifestyle.  He also works with those who have been working hard but having difficulty getting the results they seek   Marcus has dedicated his life to health and fitness and is obtaining various fitness specialty certifications while pursuing a degree in Kinesiology.

James R. Willis is a communication-centered professional with a goal of bettering humanity through service and providing information to people. He ethically innovates competent solutions for clients. As a Freelance Communications Specialist, he has joined the BRFN team as the Information Specialist directing, developing, and distributing information within BRFN and providing informative publications and resources to clients that motivate healthy living.  He also provides updated government health and nutritional information.